From the game to the commercials and social media, this year’s Super Bowl is a disappointment to these MBU Timeline staff members.



CORAL ANN CHRISTOPHER, senior, Editor-In-Chief

Last year, the greatest media segment didn’t involve a media buy, but a favorite cookie, Oreo. This tweet during the blackout was timely, went viral and created a buzz for the brand. This year, companies are on edge waiting for their time to shine.

JCPenney took its chance early in the game, with a tweet about mittens followed by tweets riddled by errors. This immediately brought speculation on what happened to JCPenney’s social media coordinator.

After Adweek and other professionals weighed in on the matter the truth was revealed: the tweet was erroneous because the manager was wearing mittens.

While JCPenney received a vast amount of publicity, this is an example that sometimes publicity is not good public relations. The tweet created confusion, distrust and did not foster relationships with key publics. Nice try, JCPenney, but don’t trick your audience.




RYAN RERICH, sophomore, Sports Editor and Photographer

I knew from the start of the game this Super Bowl would not be your conventional game.

The odd catch of the first coin flip from Joe Namath was a weird way to begin the largest sporting event in 2014.

The head official did not even remember to designate who was calling the flip and ultimately what the call even was. He caught Namath’s toss in mid-flight, got it straightened out and let Broadway Joe toss it up again.

Following that small problem, the kick was off and the raging Seattle Seahawks flew down the field on defense in East Rutherford.

The first play resulted in a safety, as the ball trickled into the end zone on a high snap from the Broncos center after some confusion because of the noise. It was the quickest score in Super Bowl history.

After that fumble recovery for a safety and two interceptions, the Seahawks had scored two touchdowns and kicked two through the uprights for a 22-0 lead at the half.

No one could have predicted the 43-8 bashing that took place.

Apart from the game, I thought the viewing on Fox was not bad.

The commercials were a bit sub par, but I did enjoy several of them and also the halftime show.

Overall it was a good win for Russell Wilson and the Seahawks.

Seattle has been missing a championship in its town since the late 1970s in the four major sports, baseball, basketball, hockey and football.

It was an entire team effort from the Seahawks, but on the contrary a total catastrophe for the Broncos.

Well the event that American sports fans had been waiting for is now over.

Hopefully next year the game will be much closer and the game will come down to the last kick or the last throw.

Seattle, I congratulate you. Russell Wilson, you are an amazing quarterback and in process of becoming even better. Denver, I am sure you will be back and riding on the arms of the legend and all-time great quarterback Peyton Manning.


MOLLY CARVER, senior, staff writer

As a huge fan of animals, especially puppies, I planned to watch the Puppy Bowl this year.

However, like the rest of America I went ahead and tuned into the Super Bowl.

The best thing about the Super Bowl is  the commercials.

The first half of the game consisted of very forgettable displays of advertisement in my opinion, although one commercial stood out the most in the first half. The heartwarming Chevrolet commercial in support of cancer awareness.

The second half of the game held the two best commercials of the night by far.

Anheuser Busch takes the show with both of their commercials being show stoppers.

Nothing is more exciting than seeing what Anheuser Busch will put together for Super Bowl, and every year it just gets better.

The wonderful parade they put together for a returning soldier, followed by giving him seats to the Super Bowl is not only a wonderful deed, but a very smart way to brand their company in a whole new way.

This was followed up by an adorable puppy and Clydesdale friendship being made in front of our eyes.

The best Super Bowl commercial goes to … Anheuser Busch, by a long shot.