Halloween is here and you are without a costume – what can you do?

It’s crunch time, but there is no reason to fight against the last-minute crowds for a limited selection of expensive costumes.

Instead, try an easy solution to the problem – look through your garage and closet with an open mind.

No matter what a style contains, there is always a hidden potential costume in any closet.

Now, if you wouldn’t consider yourself to be a Crafty Cathy, then browse your closet for different pieces of clothing that have the potential of resembling
previous decades.

For example, guys can rock a button-up shirt with sleeves rolled up and covering a solid tee, jeans and some Chuck Taylors and show up to the costume party
like you just walked out of the ’80s.

Staying on the decade frenzy, girls can wear a maxi dress, flip flops, wave your hair and have friends call you Janis Joplin for the night.

Perhaps thinking inside the box is your style and you want to create a YouTube costume. Find a red, black and green Sharpie; cut the side of a fairly large
cardboard box, cut an additional hole in the middle as if it were a television screen, glue or tape white paper to cover the entire surface, place your
head in the hole and there you have your very own YouTube video.

Add to the fun by attaching markers to the costume.

Ask guests to place comments including jokes from the night, old memories or anything that comes to mind.

If you still prefer to not use your clothing, or just can’t find anything to use, another crafty idea would include a long tee from Wal-Mart and duct tape.
Long tees are usually only five to 10 dollars for those who are on a budget.

This is mainly for girls, but here is the way it works: Put on the long tee, have a friend tape your desired color around your entire body to form a dress.

Then, take the face of a soda case and tape it to the front. When you go out, other participants will think you are a soda can.

So, there you have it. Instead of spending an arm and a leg to purchase a costume you will most likely wear once, exercise your creativity and come up with one of endless possibilities.

By Victoria Wright

Victoria Wright, a senior public relations major from Festus, Mo., is a staff journalist for MBU Timeline. Wright enjoys drawing, photography, blogging and swimming. Currently, Wright has a photography internship with the St. Louis Blues. After graduation, Wright plans to head to New York in the field of fashion PR while working toward a master's degree in marketing.