Whether it is working on a healthier lifestyle, reducing procrastination or improving grades and staying more motivated in general, journalism writing students are blogging today about their aspirations and plans to achieve their goals as 2020 is in full swing and challenges are certainly mounting.

Photo by Tommy Sun @tsun_photos

A Healthier Lifestyle Begins with Less Junk Food


I have decided in 2020 to make a change for myself, and although it will be difficult I will try my best to not eat fast food.

I want to start having a healthier lifestyle, eating the right foods, not eating junk food all the time, and keeping my body in shape and active.

Another thing this will help me do is save money.

I realized last year how much I spent on food and it’s ridiculous.

This is my plan. You might ask how I am going to be able to achieve this?

Well, I don’t spend much time at home, cooking meals. I eat out most of the time.

With that being said, so far this year I haven’t had any fast food and I’ve started looking online for different recipes to cook at home, which I’m proud of.

As of right now I can tell how much more fueled and ready to go my body is for each day.

I’m really starting to like my new lifestyle commitments and I hope I can stay on track and keep it up.


Overcoming My Lack of Motivation


2020 is a year unlike any that I have experienced in my life.

This year I have a new lifestyle, including learning how to live alone, managing my own time and becoming firm in my beliefs.

For the past four years, when the new year rolls around, I choose a word that I want to focus on. My word for this year is intentional

Sometimes, I lack the motivation to do things for a real reason. But this year, I want to be intentional with a healthy lifestyle, strong faith, and always doing the best I can in order to succeed and grow as a person. 

My goal is to intentionally be the best version of myself this year. In the words of John C. Maxwell, “Intentional living is about living your best story.”


Grinding Toward Success in 2020


This new year’s resolution is simple yet challenging, but it’s to succeed. The year of 2020 will be a constant grind with everything I do. 

Whether the grind be associated with school, waking up for an 8 a.m. class, or football and working out, I will find some way to prevail.

I will do this by staying motivated for myself. I’ve learned that throughout my past years at MBU. 

No one can do this for you other than yourself.


Grades and Game Time Take Priority this Year


Many people tend to have the same goal year after year. Often to lose weight or to get back into the gym.

That used to be me, but after many failed attempts the approach of a resolution changed.


Photo illustration by Hannah Chaney

Photo by Hannah Leahy

My resolution is to focus more on my goals. I believe in 2019 I was not goal-oriented. I believe this year many changes need to be made.

In the football world, I want to get on the field. In the past I believe I was taking the game of football seriously, but there was more that could have been done. 

Now, I have to start off right by getting into my playbook more, running my hardest and getting in shape.    

I also want to make sure that my grades are the best they can be. I have had good grades, but on some assignments I could have gotten higher scores.       

How am I able to control that? I set close goals. A close goal is a goal that can be worked on now to get future results. 

So, of course you will hear the typical resolution, which is to get into the gym. 

With my grades, though, I have to come to class and be prepared. Of course, taking assignments and tests one at a time.    

2020 is the year of goal-setting and achieving what was set. I don’t want this year to be one without success.


Full Course Load, Full-Time Job, Full Plate


This year is a very busy one compared to what it was last year.

This year, I am taking 16 credit hours as well as getting a new position at my job, which will entail being a full-time employee working there. While doing this I want to end up finishing with all A’s this semester since last semester I was one short.

I plan on being more organized and not missing any assignments and turning them all in on time.

I plan on working harder to become closer with the Lord, with praying and reading the Bible more to learn more about his word.


Not Going to Worry About Empty Promises


There’s a constant theme that people have every year. A goal, or hope, that the new year will be better than the last.

But what exactly makes that happen?

Resolutions, goals that people plan to achieve during the new year but often never reach.

There’s nothing good about an empty promise. So that being said, I do not make new year’s resolutions.

I tend to go into the new year with nothing. And throughout the year if there is something that needs to change or that I need to improve on then I’ll work on it.

Photo illustration by Kara Wolf