You’ve seen their food trucks at free concerts and parks. Seoul Taco, in St. Louis’ Delmar Loop, is a hidden treasure of offbeat Korean food that should be explored by anyone living in or traveling through St. Louis.


The smell was strong, like it was being cooked right in front of me.

Immediately I was taken in by the aroma spilling out of the door of the hole-in-the-wall restaurant we were visiting.

When you walk into this little restaurant, the smell of the Korean BBQ will have your mouth watering and your stomach growling if it isn’t already.

Seoul Taco, founded and owned by David Choi, specializes in a Korean BBQ menu, never lacking in flavor.

The flavor that Choi was able to enrich his food with was an old family recipe passed down to him from his grandmother.

His dream of taking his grandmother’s recipe and making a business out of it came true in 2011 when Seoul Taco hit the road as a food truck in the St. Louis area.

Only a year later, 2012, Seoul Taco graduated from food truck to storefront in the Delmar Loop of St. Louis.

Since then, Seoul Taco has won numerous awards such as: Ranked in the top 101 Food Trucks in the Nation by The Daily Meal, voted best food truck by The Riverfront Times, Sauce, Alive and St. Louis Magazine.

What some people may be skeptical about is the menu. There are only four items on the menu; Taco – $2.50, Quesadilla – $6, Burrito – $8, and the Gogi Bowl – $7.

I first heard about this restaurant from a good college friend of mine, and it has been a popular eating destination of mine ever since.

Whether it’s grabbing it on the go, or going in for a sit, Seoul Taco is a top choice of mine and I think that once you try it, it will become one of yours too.

I remember the first time I went to Seoul Taco I was a bit tentative because I am not the type to try new things, I know what I like.

The second I smelled what they were cooking I was hooked, and I had to try it. Since then, I have been back countless times and it seems to get better every time I do.

The burritos are as big as your head, the quesadillas more than a foot in diameter, and the bowls are so big that you know what you’re having for lunch tomorrow.

My favorite item on the menu is the steak burrito because of its size. If I finished it all in one sitting, I would have had to have been seriously hungry.

There are many good places to grab a bite to eat in The Loop, but Seoul Taco will forever have my first choice.

By David Long

David Long is a staff journalist for MBU Timeline. He is a junior who is majoring in General Communications Studies. Long is the captain of the MBU Mens Golf Team and has been a member of it for 3 years. Born and raised in Goshen, Ind., Long now lives just south of Asheville in Rutherford County, N.C.. He plans on pursuing a career as a golf professional after he graduates. Long will be the president and founder of Phi Lambda Phi, the first men's fraternity at MBU.