Who is at fault when a dog is stabbed in a pet store? The dog attacking? Or the man who causes his death?


A customer at a pet store in Newnan, Ga., recently stabbed a pit bull, resulting in the dog’s euthanization.

The customer, Craig Emory Hayes, stabbed Clara, a pit bull, nearly to death with a pocket knife at a PetSmart in the suburb town southwest of Atlanta.

Clara’s injuries were so severe that she had to be put down later that day.

Now you may be wondering why he stabbed this dog. The answer is simple, Hayes’ West Highland terrier was being attacked by Clara inside the store.

Reports are somewhat conflicting where some say the westie was bitten only on the ear and dragged, where others say that Clara had her jaws around the westie’s neck.

Onlookers say that Hayes had shouted for help, and when none was given he resorted to stabbing Clara three times in the neck.

Mike Wohler, a witness, said that Hayes was shouting while stabbing Clara, saying, “Effing pit bull, how are you still around?”

Clara was finally removed by Wohler when he pried her mouth open.

Was Hayes in the right by stabbing Clara?

Personally, I feel that Hayes was so distraught that he resorted to stabbing Clara.

My family can relate to this situation because my grandfather had to save our dog from a neighbor’s pit bull.

When returning from a walk a neighbor’s pit bull jumped the fence and attacked our Scottish terrier.

Our dog had a pretty good bite on his left hind quarters.

My grandfather was also bitten while removing the dog from ours after yelling and kicking the other dog.

The neighbor had the choice either to chain the dog up or have it put down. They chose to have the dog put on a chain for the remainder of their occupancy.

Upon some research I discovered that pit bulls are No. 1 on the list of dog attacks from 1982 to 2013.

So, why are pit bulls at the top of the list, what makes the breed so prone to attacking?

The primary reason is that the breed became exploited for their loyalty and muscular physique.

In the 1980s dog fighting became very popular and pit bulls were chosen as the primary breed for these fights.

Pit bulls then were bred to fight, making them more aggressive or dangerous.

Keep in mind that not all pit bulls are aggressive or dangerous but all dogs are capable of causing harm. For dog lovers, it’s disturbing when it takes a tragedy like the one in Georgia to remind us of this reality.

By Donovan Correll

Donovan Correll, a junior Communication Studies major, is a staff writer for MBU Timeline and reporter/anchor for MBU Timeline-Broadcast.