Meyers Briggs, DISC and thousands of Buzzfeed personality quizzes have convinced us that we all can fit into a stereotype or box. All of these were designed as theories and thoughts that are often taken as a logical representation of ourselves.

infjGraphic by Kayla Glyshaw


Hello, my name is Kayla and I am an INFJ with a C-D DISC personality and apparently if I were a Disney princess I would be Belle.

I love to analyze people around me as well as myself. These well-developed personality tests give me the ability to better understand people and the differences in how the mind processes information.

We all want and desire to be unique, yet simultaneously jump at any opportunity to place our identity in the things around us.

We want to feel like we fit in somewhere and man-made personality types do just that.

I’ve found that the human mind tends to be very conflicting and constantly changing.

God has made us all unique and designed each one of us to be so different yet still similar in many ways.

When I was a freshman in college my psychology professor asked us all to take a personality quiz.

After we all finished it up and got results back, each one of us was amazed at how well it fit us.

Little did we know that each one of us received the same exact result.

For me, this opened my eyes to the reality that we cannot truly understand who we are.

As my junior year of college rolled around I forgot about this little experiment I had been a part of and soon fell into a trap of identifying who I was with what I was diagnosed with or what a little quiz told me.

“Being an INFJ (Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and Judgment),” “since I have anxiety,” and “because I am an introvert” were all phrases I said far too often.

At first I thought this was simply me trying to better understand myself, but the reality was that I was hiding behind a mask that I loved to use because it made me feel better about my insecurities.

It was almost like an excuse I used in order to act a certain way.

While I still relate to most of the INFJ struggles, I have to say that I forgot that God has made me to be so much more than that.

We cannot fit into just one personality type. You are more than a quiz or test result.

The devil wants you to forget who you are in Christ and feel like you can put your identity in what you want to.

Don’t let your newfound identity in a certain personality stop you from just being who you really are.

You are you, and you do not need to act a certain way to make sure you fit into who you were told to be by the world.

It’s good to know how you respond to things in life, what you like, and how you tend to act, but do not let that become your sole identity. I am continuously learning new things about how God made me.

With that said: Hello, my name is Kayla and I am a child of God who tends to enjoy my time alone yet loves people. I tend to act like an INFJ but will adapt to what God needs me to do.

By Kayla Glyshaw

Kayla Glyshaw is a staff journalist for MBU Timeline pursuing a degree in communication studies. She works in the junior high ministry at her church and is on the leadership team for her church’s College Group ministry. In the future she wants to work in either a youth or college ministry. She loves coffee, singing and anything that involves holding a camera or editing video footage.