The MBU men’s basketball team remains hopeful after a first-round loss in the American Midwest Conference Championship Tournament and looks forward to the rest of the tournament.


As the MBU men’s basketball team heads to the 2015 American Midwest Conference Championship Tournament-First Round they have to be on their game tonight against Benedictine-Springfield.

Missouri Baptist, the No. 10 seed with an overall record of 6-24 and conference record of 5-17, will travel to take on No. 7 Benedictine-Springfield on Tuesday.

The guys will play at Gold’s Gym in Springfield, lll., and will tip-off at 7 p.m.

The Spartans lost the first regular season game against the Bulldogs, 79-70, while winning the first home matchup, 77-70.

The winner of this last matchup will take on No. 2 Columbia.

The Spartans have had their ups and down this season but they have all stuck together and all played hard this season.

“As a freshman on my first college basketball team I have came together with these guys and played hard together as a family and as a team,” Jake Terry said

As the Spartans get ready for this big game they look toward their head coach Ray Farrell as he hypes his guys up, letting them know it is a one-and-done game and to play hard for 40 minutes, giving it their all.

“I believe in my guys on this team and I believe we will bring our A game tonight against Benedictine. My guys looked focused and confident getting ready for the game,” Farrell said.

Assistant Coach Jared Goodwin added: “As I have been an assistant coach to Coach Farrell I have a lot of love for these guys who stayed on the team with us and played hard for us every game. I respect them and I know these guys will play hard tonight.”

Senior leadership on the team also weighed in.

“My senior night I had a great game and I’m looking forward to bringing that type of game tonight against Benedictine. If this is my last game in a MBU uniform I’m going to play hard with my guys and bring my A game,” said Adrian Kuyinu, the senior on the team.

Bryce Weibrecht, a returning guard for next year’s team, added: “At practice yesterday we practiced hard and we practiced with a purpose like Coach Farrell always says because we knew the next day we were going into a battle.”

The Spartans are looking forward to playing on Thursday against Columbia but tonight they have to get past the Benedictine Bulldogs.

By James King

James King is a staff journalist for MBU Timeline. A junior majoring in communications, King is a member of the men’s basketball program. He was raised in St. Louis, an alumni of Hazelwood East High School, and has found his place among the MBU community. King will graduate in the fall of 2016 and is looking to start his career as a sports commentator and working toward being on ESPN someday.